Office Water Coolers & Home Water Coolers

At Clever Water we offer filtered water solutions starting from less than $2 per day for unlimited drinking water! We are transforming home and office water coolers and bringing business environments up to speed with the importance of clean, efficient, safe and eco- friendly drinking water. We only stock plumbed or refillable filtered watercoolers, making them a more cost effective, user friendly and eco-conscious option for your drinking water needs.

water coolers for the workplace

Our plumbed and refillable watercoolers offer a number of distinct advantages for the home user:

  • save space
    no need to waste valuable fridge space with an endless supply of bottled water or water jugs.
  • convenience -
    watercoolers are easier to access and their larger water capacity ensures less refilling than bottles or jugs.
  • health -
    we all know drinking water is healthy. Ensuring that chilled great tasting water is available in a prominent place in the home encourages more regular consumption.

Superior Water Quality, Greater Ease of Use, Reduced Costs and More Environmentally Friendly

water coolers for the workplace

The days of the unhygienic and lets face it, supremely unnattractive giant plastic water bottles are well and truly gone. 

Workplaces all over Australia are making the switch to plumbed or refillable filtered water coolers and dispensers.

Benefits of installing a watercooler from the Clever Water range in your office or workplace include:

•  Reduced costs
•  No running out of water
•  No waiting for water deliveries
•  No wasting space storing bottles
•  No OH&S risk for staff
•  Superior hygiene protection


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The health of your water is as important if not more important as the filtering the water. Most water filters do a decent job of filtering water but not all water coolers store or dispense water hygienically.

All Clever Water coolers us state of the art hygienic systems. There is always debate about which system is the best but certainly some system is better than the cheap water coolers that only filter water but does protect the hygiene of the water and water cooler.

Our water coolers employ three distinct systems, read more:

• UV Light Technology
• Direct Dispence
• Water Trail Technology

home water coolers workplace water coolers hygienic water coolers

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