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Say "No!" to Bottled Water Coolers

Clever Water only supplies point of use, mains-fed, plumbed in or refillable filtered  water coolers / water dispensers. Our mains-fed  and refillable filtered water coolers offer many substantial benefits compared to bottled water coolers, including:
• Superior Water Quality
• Greater Ease of Use
• Reduced Costs
• Reduced Carbon footprint   .... read more >

Pesticide Found Near Drinking Water Dam
NSW Town Bans Bottled Water
Clever Water is a proud supporter of theDrink For Change campaign. 
The Age Newspaper
The Age Newspaper
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Herald Sun
National - BrisbaneTimes
New York Times
The Age Newspaper

-The Age June 2012, The Pesticide Found Near Drining Water Dam
- NSW Town Bans Bottled Water
See http://www.drinkforchange.com.au for more info.

- Bottled Water Ban 'Stupid"
The Real Cost of Bottled Water
Disaster In A Bottle 
- Bottled water 'bad as smoking' 
- People urged to tap into natural product
- Bottled water: the new social poison?
- City Council Shuns Bottles in Favor of Water From Tap 
- ...and here's how to bottle water

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