Water Bottles

Say NO to Bottled Water!

Clever Water only supply point of use, mains-fed, plumbed in water coolers / dispensers and refillable filtered water coolers.

Our range of water coolers offer many substantial benefits compared to bottled water coolers, including:

Superior Water Quality
Greater Ease of Use
Reduced Costs
More Environmentally Friendly

Superior Water Quality
- With a Clever Water water cooler, you and your company can enjoy very high quality drinking water. Our water dispensers  use different hygiene protection measures to ensure that the quality of your drinking water is not compromised.  For more information on the technology used in individual models to ensure superior water quality please click on the links below:

T6 water cooler
T5 water cooler
FMAX water cooler
Slimcool water cooler

- When thinking about the quality of water in a bottle you should consider the following:
How long ago was the bottle changed? 
What is the temperature in the room it's in? How old is the bottle?
Was the bottled stored out of sunlight?
When was the bottled water cooler last serviced and sanitized? 

It is not unusual to see green growth inside a bottle as a result of bacteria build up.

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Greater Ease of Use
• Clever Water Coolers water coolers have NO heavy bottles to carry, move and store
• Clever Water Coolers water coolers have NO paperwork per bottle
• Clever Water Coolers water coolers can dispense both HOT & COLD water of COLD and AMBIENT
• When the weather gets hot, bottled water coolers are only as reliable as the last delivery.

Many companies get let down as the temperatures soar. Clever Water can be relied upon - whatever the weather!

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Reduced Costs
Running costs alone can be the deciding factor between bottled water coolers and Clever Water dispensers.
• Bottled water coolers can cost between $8 - $12 per bottle + sanitisation cost + annual water cooler rental + an additional water cooler deposit
Clever Water Coolers costs:  We have rental options from as little as $38 + GST per month, including: delivery, installation, servicing, unlimited call outs!

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More Environmentally Friendly
• When it comes to the environment Clever Water watercoolers win hands down against bottled water coolers. There is NO need to manufacture the plastic bottles; NO need for delivery trucks; NO more bottles going to land fill sites
• Most Clever Water dispensers are 100% recyclable
Clever Water coolers have built-in energy saving and water spillage measures

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