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Website Terms Of Use
This website is owned and operated by Clever Water Pty Ltd. Your access to this website is governed by these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, and any other rules and conditions within the website (known collectively as the "Terms of Use"). 


The following defined terms appear in these Terms of Use:  
“Payment Instrument” - The credit card or debit card that is registered by You for the Service to facilitate the processing of Payment Transactions.  
“Payment Transaction” - The processing of a payment for the Service that results in the debiting or charging of the Purchase Amount to a Payment Instrument. 
“Product” - Any merchandise, good or service that is listed for sale that You may pay for using the Service.  
“Purchase Amount” - The dollar amount of a Payment Transaction to pay for a Product, and any related fees, taxes or shipping charges, as applicable.
“We or Us” – Clever Water Pty Ltd

Requirements for Registration  

In order to use the Service, You must complete all required information fields on the registration web pages. You must register a valid credit or debit card as a Payment Instrument to make Payment Transactions and pay fees and other obligations arising from You using the Service. You must provide current, complete and accurate information and maintain it as current and accurate.
You authorize Us to confirm that Your Payment Instrument is in good standing with the issuing financial institution, including, but not limited to, by submitting a request for a payment authorization and/or a low dollar credit and/or debit to the Payment Instrument, in accordance with the relevant card association rules.

We, in our sole and absolute discretion, may refuse to approve or may terminate existing registrations of a Payment Instrument with or without cause or notice, other than any notice required by any applicable law, and not waived herein.  

By agreeing to these Terms for Use, You represent that You are:

18 years old or older; and
capable of entering into a legally binding agreement.
If You are a business entity, You also represent that:
You are duly authorized to do business in the country or countries where You operate; and
Your employees, officers, representatives, and other agents accessing the Service are duly authorized to access the Service and to legally bind You to these Terms of Use and all transactions conducted under your username and password.

We may give information about You to a credit reporting agency for the following purposes:
*           to obtain a consumer credit report about You, and/or
*           allow the credit reporting agency to create or maintain a credit information file containing information about You

Username and Password Information

You are responsible for:
maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password,
any and all transactions by persons that you give access to or that otherwise use such username or password, and
any and all consequences of use or misuse of your username and password.
You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your username or password or any other breach of security regarding the Service of which you have knowledge.  


You understand and agree that personal information provided to us in connection with the Service is subject to the Service’s Privacy Policy.

Use of Electronic Communications  

We may communicate with You regarding these Terms of Use (including revisions or amendments) and the Service by means of electronic communications, including:
sending electronic mail to the email address you provided during registration, or as revised by You in accordance of the Terms of Use or
posting notices or communications on the customer contact section of this web site.

Electronic communications shall be deemed received by You when we send the electronic communication or when we post the electronic communication on our customer contact section of the web site.  

For those communications or records that we are otherwise required under applicable law to provide in a written paper form to You, You agree that to the extent legally permissible we may provide such communications or records by means of electronic communications. The following additional terms will apply to such electronic communications:

Order Confirmation and Delivery

After ordering, You will receive an electronic mail confirmation of order details, normally within a few minutes of receipt of Your order.
We will use best endeavour to dispatch the Product within 5 working days of order receipt to location provided at the registration web page.
Delivery is by third party couriers and as such we are not responsible or liable for their actions or any loss or delay in the delivery of the Products.

Refund Policy

We will not Refund if You change your mind.
We will either; repair, replace or refund the Product if the Product is faulty and the fault occurs within 1 year of the Product being purchased, provided that the Product is used and installed in accordance with user/installation instructions provided by Us.

Payment Options
There are different payment options. You will be charged according to Your nominated Payment Instrument. You will be automatically charged to the nominated credit card details provided by You unless otherwise notified by You.

In the case of buy outright payment option being selected, payment will automatically be charged and Product will be dispatched within 2 working days (subject to stock availability). In the case of either a 3 month payment plan or a 24 month payment plan being selected, payment will be automatically be charged monthly for the period of time selected on the web site.

You will be charged:
According to the option nominated by You
Automatically to Your nominated Payment Instrument unless otherwise notified by You at the time of the payment.
Out of Stock
If a product is out of stock you will be notified within 2 business days, and if you decide you do not want to wait for your selected Product to become available we will provide You with a refund.