Green Alternative

Say NO to Bottled Water

Read below to find out why Clever Water range of plumbed in water coolers and filters are the eco friendly choice:

Clever Water offers an environmentally sound alternative to bottled water. Clever Water only supplies refillable filtered water coolers and plumbed in water coolers and water dispensers. We do not provide water coolers that are designed to use delivered bottled water. We strive to provide products and service that benefits both our customers and the environment.

The key environmental benefits of our watercoolers and water dispensers are:

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
- No bottles = no trucks delivering bottled water & no trucks taking old bottles to land fill sites.
The trucks used to transport bottles of water emit large volumes of Co2, contributing to the dangerous effects of climate change.

- A mains-fed water cooler produces 761 Kg less carbon dioxide than a bottled water dispenser
(that uses 3 bottles a week). Multiply that by the number of dispensers in your organisation and it can add up to a huge reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

- Every litre of bottled water sold, represents three litres of water in the production process.

- Bottled water is more expensive than petrol, and 2500 times more expensive than tap water.

- The Sunday Age estimated that bottled water in Australia is costing the planet 314,000 barrels of oil a year.

- 55 per cent of water bottles end up in landfills, taking 450 years to break down.
This significantly contributes to the vast levels of waste and pollution that society is already struggling to manage.

- The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management has noted that branding and bottling of water where there already exists a wholesome and safe supply of tap water is not as a sustainable use of natural resources.

Saving Energy
- Clever Water coolers / water dispensers feature built in electronic energy saving functions.
This will reduce your organization's direct energy consumption compared to nearly all other point of use and bottled water coolers.

- Clever Water water coolers / water dispensers have a built in electronic water block, which will save water and spillages.

Recycling Your Water Cooler
- Clever Water water coolers mains-fed water dispensers are recyclable and use biodegradable carbon filters.

- Used units are returned to our factory and refurbished so that they can be either recycled or re-used

Our mains-fed point of use water coolers / filters are not only more environmentally friendly than bottled water alternatives, but they also provide more superior water quality, greater ease of use and reduced costs.