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The concept of being “eco-friendly” has become increasingly important in today’s social consciousness. But it is an idea that Clever Waterhas proudly been aware of since it began.

What You Need to Know About Water Coolers
By Rob on 9 February 2015 (No comments - click here to comment)

The trend towards bottled water began when we became wary of unfiltered water. More recently, it has been revealed that the bottled water industry is self-regulated and many popular brands of bottled water cannot be trusted either. That leaves us with one option. To be sure of the purity of the water we drink, we have to filter it ourselves. The best way to do that is with a water cooler with a filtration system built-in. What do you need to know about water coolers to make an informed decision? Types of Water Filters There are a number of ways to remove impurities from water. Instead of offering just one type of water filtration system, Clever Water offers four: Ultraviolet light: UV light of the right wavelength (between 200-300 nanometers) effectively kills bacteria. Mercury lamps in Clever Water water coolers emit UV light in close to the deadliest wavelength of around 260nm. Chlorine is used to k... continue reading

Where Does Your Tap Water Come From?
By Rob on (No comments - click here to comment)

Have you ever wondered where your tap water comes from? How does it make the journey from a distant source to your tap? Follow a glass of water from its source to your tap and you will appreciate that cool and refreshing glass of water from your water cooler even more. How Sydney Gets its Water A catchment is an area, usually in a mou... continue reading

Water and Sustainable Living
By Rob on 26 May 2015 (No comments - click here to comment)

Sustainable living is defined as a lifestyle that reduces an individual's or society's use of natural and personal resources. On the surface, it sounds like reduction of use is all there is to it, but sustainable living also includes the wise use of available resources. Recycling, choosing renewable energy sources and not wasting resources are all part of sustainable living. One hallmark of sustainable living is finding ways to use renewable, non-polluting energy sources. In sun-drenched Australia, solar power can provide clean energy. Over a quarter of the electricity generated in the Philippines now comes from geothermal energy and Indonesia, too, recently began a program to produce more electricity from geothermal energy. The wise use of timber and other renewable building products is another hallmark of sustainable living. Architects are coming up with clever ways to use fast-growing bamboo as a substitute for timber and sustainable builders choose plantation... continue reading

Why the California Drought is Important to Australia
By Rob on 26 May 2015 (No comments - click here to comment)

The State of California is experiencing a severe water shortage due to extended drought conditions. Some experts say California will run out of water in just a year. How could an advanced society be caught unawares like this and what can Australia learn from it? Californians are up in arms about the amount of water that is taken from their state by drinking water bottlers. Reportedly, one reason why bottlers take their water from groundwater in California is because regulations are not in place preventing them from doing so. Understandably, desert regions in California were amongst the first to question the wisdom of allowing corporations to take their water supplies and sell it elsewhere. A 2014 article in a California newspaper, the Desert Sun , reports on a Nestle owned bottled water plant on an Indian reservation where trucks "rumble in and out through the gates, carrying load after load of bottled water." They have been doing so for over a decade and t... continue reading

Water Filters on the Rise in Australia
By Rob on 17 March 2015 (No comments - click here to comment)

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), increasing numbers of Australians are using some sort of water filtration system. In 2001, the trend was already apparent, with 21 percent of households having a water filter. By 2006, just five years later, the number was up to 26 percent or just over a quarter of Australian households. More current statistics are not available, but the steady rise over those five years suggests the trend is continuing. Some parts of Australia are choosing water filters more than others. As of 2004, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australian were the country's leaders in using water filters. Over 25 percent of households had water filters in these states, followed by 23 percent in Victoria. The lowest numbers of water filters were found in the NT and ACT. With the exception of the ACT, every state and territory showed a steady increase in the use of water filters from 1998 to 2004. Why are m... continue reading

Why Your Home Water Cooler Should be Stylish
By Rob on 6 October 2014 (No comments - click here to comment)

Appearances shouldn't matter, but they do. The companies that sell bottled water know this all-too-well. That's why the same company will sell the same water in different packaging. One package may be plainer looking than another, to appeal to the budget market. Another label will suggest the water inside comes straight from a mountain stream, so is worth paying more for. Marketing works on a subliminal level. You can tell your children to drink water from your water cooler because it is better for them than tap water or a soft drink, but they won't be convinced. Even adults will follow old habits if something new and better doesn't catch their eye. That's why your home water cooler should be stylish. Clever Water's Clever Cooler is a perfect example of an eye-catching water cooler that beckons you away from expensive and wasteful... continue reading

Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Water
By Rob on 3 September 2014 (No comments - click here to comment)

Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water We all know safe, filtered drinking water is good for us, but what exactly are the health benefits of drinking water? These are the top 10 health benefits of drinking water: 1) Drinking water maintains the balance of bodily fluids The human body is made up of 60% water. The water is used in a variety of ways to maintain health, including: Digestive fluids Transportation of nutrients Creation of saliva Maintenance of a constant body temperature As water helps with these and other vital functions, it is used up. Drinking water restores our vital fluids. 2) Drinking water helps with a weight loss program No effective weight loss program is complete without replacing water with other fluids. Water has no kilojoules, for one thing. For another, it... continue reading

What is Water?
By Rob on 9 July 2014 (No comments - click here to comment)

We all know what water looks, feels and tastes like. Water flowing in a stream looks cool and refreshing. A warm shower or dip in the ocean feels invigorating. Water is neither sweet nor sour, but a cool glass of filtered water from a water cooler definitely "tastes" refreshing. We know a lot about water because we literally can't live without it, but what is water? Even those of us who are not scientifically minded know the chemical name for water is H2O, which stands for two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Beyond that, it is a mystery to those of us who slept through chemistry class. Basically those two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen come together to make the liquid we call water. According to those who didn't sleep through their chemistry classes, each hydrogen atom shares a pair of electrons with the oxygen atom to form a "covalent bond,"... continue reading

Bad Drinking Water News
By Rob on 19 June 2014 (No comments - click here to comment)

Drinking water has been making the news in a big way recently and the news isn't good. At first glance, it may appear that Australians can breathe a sigh of relief because most of the bad news comes from overseas. Take a closer look, though, and you'll see the bad drinking water news isn't coming from Third World countries lacking in the infrastructure needed to make tap water safe for consumption. It’s coming from First World developed countries just like Australia. One story that made headlines around the world comes from Great Britain. More than a story about water contamination, it is an exposé about the shocking levels of cocaine abuse in the UK. According to a 12 May 2014 article on, Cocaine traces found in Britain's drinking water , the t... continue reading

Inside an Underbench Water Cooler
By Rob on 11 March 2014 (No comments - click here to comment)

There's no getting around the fact that there's something nice about getting water straight from the tap. There's no denying, either, that our tap water may not be safe for drinking. What's the solution? Thousands of homes and offices have installed underbench water coolers and found them to be the best of both worlds. The Clever Water underbench water cooler is only 407mm high, 260mm wide and 235mm deep and fits easily into almost any existing kitchen cupboard with plenty of room to spare. As compact as it is, it still can deliver 15 litres of cold water per hour -- plenty for a thirsty family even in the heat of the summer. It comes with an attractive gooseneck tap that allows you to dispense cold, filtered water as easily as you turn on your kitchen tap water. Why an Underbench Water Dispenser? ... continue reading

Which Type of Countertop Water Cooler is Best for You?
By Rob on 11 February 2014 (No comments - click here to comment)

We sell a water cooler for everyone at Clever Water. Some provide refreshing cold water only, while others can give you hot or cold water at the touch of a button. Some of our water coolers are designed for single users. Still others are made for the hospitality industry. Which type of Clever Water countertop water cooler is best for you? Home and Small Office Countertop Water Coolers We offer two types of countertop water coolers that are ideal for the home or small office. One of our best s... continue reading

What Happens to Wastewater?
By Rob on 9 January 2014 (No comments - click here to comment)

What Happens to Wastewater? Have you ever wondered what happens to water you flush down your toilet? Not a subject most of us want to think about, it’s nonetheless an important one researchers take seriously. The fact is, wastewater is notoriously difficult to trace because it is hard to distinguish from water from other sources. Researchers in Canada stumbled across an almost infallible way of tracing wastewater after finding common sugar substitutes in Ontario’s Grand River Watershed. The artificial sugars they found included cyclamate, saccharin, sucralose, and acesulfame, all of which are ingredients in popular diet sodas and other diet products. According to an article in Gizmodo, How Diet Soft Drink Can Be Used To Track Sewage , the reas... continue reading
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