The days of the unhygienic, unnattractive giant plastic water bottles are truly gone. Workplaces all over Australia are making the switch to plumbed and/or refillable filtered water coolers and dispensers.

  • Fmax Cold and Ambient Plumbed Water Cooler
    The FMAX water cooler and water purifier plumbs straight into the water mains and filters and chills your water to provide great tasting water at the touch of a button. Stylish and functional water cooler with direct dispense technology.

  • T-5 Plumbed Water Cooler - Cold Only
    The T5 plumbs straight into the water mains, filters, chills or boils water.UV lamp inside the cold water tank destroys harmful bacteria which give you the confidence that the water you are drinking is always safe. Comes in Hot/Cold and Cold only